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September has been a rough reading month for me. I've struggled to make time to read to start with, work, coaching, and marathon training eating up most of my energy. Adding to my low book count is the fact that I had not one but two books that went into my DNF pile. I try very hard to finish any book I start (there was one that took me two years but I finally finished it over this past summer).

*My reviews may include spoilers.*

I began the month by finishing Dark, Witch & Creamy, the first book in the Bewiched by Chocolate Series by H.Y. Hanna. This had been a free download to my Kindle and falls into the fluffy read category. I loved the chocolate connections and appreciated the overall clean feeling to the book. For some reason I expected more romance even though the blurb does not lean that direction. I would pick up the next book in the series if I saw it was available at the library.

However, I could not get into my book club this month: Answer as a Man by Taylor Caldwe…

Sunset on the Farm

I am blessed to have the Mill Creek Metropark system not too far north of where I live. One of the closest units is the Metropark Farm in Canfield. I have pretty much just used the facility for the bike trail that runs between some of its farm land but Saturday late afternoon and early evening I attend Sunset on the Farm there.

This is definitely a family-friendly event, one that I would recommend for families with kids between four and ten especially. Many of the activities are free. The corn maze had cute scarecrows at both entrances (which doubled as the exits) and was simple enough that you weren't going to be trapped inside for longer than fifteen minutes. The hay ride had the longest lines, and the ride itself really was probably less than a half mile loop that actually went on the bike trail for part of it. Getting to see the farm animals was fun; the babies were especially adorable. They had a few games for the kids and some live folk music. I also thought it was awesome t…