Indie August Books

My newsletter takes a look at books where August plays a role either as

Part of the titleName of author or characterTime of the story actions

After researching traditionally-published books that fit one of these criteria, I thought it would be fun to reach out to the indie writing community and see what books they had to offer.

Take a look below and maybe you'll discover a new read for the month!

Dog Days of August (Twelve Months of Romance-August) by Margaret Lake is 8th book in a women contemporary's fiction novella series (this length book is perfect for a lazy afternoon!).

All Jan wants to do is get her mother a puppy to help her get over her grief at the loss of her husband, Jan’s father. But when she gets to the shelter to pick up the girl puppy she had her heart set on, Kevin, a freak with a Mohawk and earring, is getting ready to walk away with her dog.

Jan is still fuming when she gets to work the next morning, and it doesn’t help that she’s expected to train a new employ…

What I Read in June

Going on summer break from school has been good to me. Although I had a good school year, I had a lot going on and as my last month's blog entry stated, my reading suffered. For June I took the time to rejuvenate by focusing on reading what I felt like when I felt like it as well as writing in my next novella (maybe short novel?? it's turning out longer than I anticipated but I think editing will keep it under 40K).

I finally read the Grisha trilogy (Shadow & Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin & Rising) by Leigh Bardugo. I have seen others gushing about on Instagram for months now! This fantasy series is definitely more young adult than adult, but I wanted to keep reading and plan on reading the other stories in the Grishaverse. I found her system of magic interesting and was invested in the characters. Loved Nikolai! Yes, there was the over-used love triangle (or was it a pyramid at one point?), but it did not overwhelm the other elements. Recommended read for teenagers…

Museum Monday: Fountain Inn History Museum

Last weekend I made a flying trip to South Carolina for a wedding reception. (And when I say flying, I don't mean that I flew but that it was a fast one, just over 48 hours gone from home, at least 18 of those spent in my car.)

I arrived about two hours early for the reception, so not wanting to sit sweltering in my car, I drove a few miles over to the town of Fountain Inn and after cruising a few streets, found some public parking. My wandering led me to the Chamber of Commerce which houses a small hometown museum open for a couple of hours on a few days of the week--a few hours that happened to coincide with my visit.

The museum is basically one large room that has a series of displays, each one flowing into the next. A little bit of attention is given to the earliest native inhabitants--including a display of a small collection of arrowheads--before moving into the beginning of European colonization. The right-hand side of the room moves visitors through time with a mention of …

June Children's Books

Hard to believe June is almost over! I've been enjoying my time off by reading more than I have in some time. I added a few more children's books to this year's list--and I even had an audience for one! I babysat my not-quite-two-month-old niece earlier in the month and in between holding and walking her around, I got to read my first story with her :)

Mamasaurus by Stephan Lomp was a fun, quick read--this is the first book I got to read to my baby niece! I loved the simplicity behind the illustrations but also that it did not shy away from using the long names of the dinosaurs. There was one moment that hinted at danger, but even that was glossed over. I think this would be a fun read-aloud to preschool-aged kids starting to get interested in dinosaurs.

Miguel and Amazing Alebrijes by Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford and Aaron Rivera-Ashford is a follow-up to the Disney movie Coco. I love this movie and was excited to see more its culture. While I enjoyed the book overall, I thi…

Differences in Rome: Cover Reveal

The final cover is here! And good thing too, since this novella releases in two days!

I am now off to celebrate Father's Day with my family; my niece is getting baptized! How are you spending this Sunday?

Throwback Thursday: Passport to Romance (Nancy Drew)

Nancy Drew. I'm not joking when I say it is possible I have read 100 of the many books written about the teenage girl detective. (Some research turns up over 300 titles across the various lines.) While nearly all the stories were enjoyable reads, some titles stand out more than others. One of my favorites is actually a set of three, the Passport to Romance trilogy (released in 1992 by Simon & Schuster)

These three books set their mysteries against the backdrop of fantastic European destinations. Nancy and her friends first travel to Switzerland and then head on to Italy before finishing their touring in Greece. These books tantalized my imagination with their touches of the culture of these countries; I especially remember details from Rendezvous in Rome with its mention of the Etruscans and a daring chase through the Coliseum.

Each book wrapped up its own mystery, but the trilogy introduced a romance arc that also kept me reading. I had to find out if Nancy chose her long-tim…

Decision in Paris: Free June 11-12

Like the title says, the first book in my romance novella trilogy is free in Kindle format for two days. This is in honor of the third book releasing on June 18th!

A guided trip to Paris with friends was supposed to be relaxing for long-term couple Quinn and Connor. Her upcoming job relocation though forces the two to face a difficult decision about their future as a couple.